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Now You Are Here

Special Project


Printed Book/Website

As a keen photographer, I've always wanted to realise a project that would compile some 20+ years of my images. Design school was the perfect venue to realise this dream. Here I act as self-curator for some of the images that have made up my life. The final piece takes form as a hand-printed and bound single edition hard cover book. This project formed part of the D&AD New Blood exhibition and was shortlisted for the D&AD John Gillard Award.

Now You Are Here explores the idea of one’s life being made up of a series of somewhat random interconnected moments. It explores sense of place and moment and how each person’s life is formed and influenced, both physically and mentally, by these moments and places. Many of life’s moments can be seemingly mundane but there is much beauty to be found here, especially when viewed as part of the bigger picture or each person’s own life.

Visit website: www.now-you-are-here.com